First In Service By Keeping You First

A number of freight forwarders can arrange transportation under the best conditions. But as anyone who has done business in JZ knows, such conditions rarely exist.

Our extensive JZ experience, solid transportation network and tenacity are unequalled when it comes to getting the goods through.

Our customers know that we do whatever it takes to ensure timely delivery. We resolve problems quickly if they arise.

At JZ Enterprises, we don’t just take orders, we take responsibility. And, we give our customers the best value in the business.

vehicle tracking by JZE

Customized Service To Fit Your Transportation Needs.

Your products are important to us whether they fill an entire container or a corner of one. We listen to your special requirements and design a consignment or freight consolidation program for maximum flexibility. Delivering the highest level of service available.

JZ Enterprises will be involved in every aspect of your Transportation needs.

Keeping You In Touch With Your Consignment


Tracker device installed in our each vehicle & 24 hours monitor.

We can answer the often-asked questions:

When is the Consignment leaving?
Is it complete? Which vehicle is it in or out?
When will it arrive? Which is on the way?

In which area the vehicle is?
Which route it will take place?

As your representative, we gladly answer these questions and take responsibility for tracking, Vehicles, and communicating all information. You have the option of tracking your Consignment at single Phone call as well as receiving an E-mail when is will arrived.

You are represented by a seasoned manager who has the experience and authority to make decisions and solve problems to expedite your consignment.